Meditation is turning the attention from the usual preoccupations of life,... one's thoughts, feelings,  sensations and perceptions toward Consciousness Itself,  Awareness, the Ultimate Identity in Whom all these experiences arise.

There are basically two ways of meditation.  One is to simply be mindful, aware of  Who is observing whatever arises in Consciousness, not as a separate personal identity but as Awareness ItSelf.  Who is "watching the movie, " who is experiencing the ongoing flow phenomena? Who am "I" besides the content of experience? The point is not to define "myself" as separate individual identity  (the mind's usual habit) but to realize that there is no personal " Self ", only "the movie" (the content of experience) and Consciousness Itself, transcending content.

The second way to meditate is to choose a focus of attention like the breath, a mantra, an inner tone, or a revered image,  and then gently but persistently bring the attention back to that focus when it wanders.  The point here is not the struggle to stay on the focus, as attention will very naturally wander, but to establish a  "home base " for that wandering and to practice " coming home " each time one  realizes s/he has again drifted off.  This home base  will eventually become identified with the seat (throne) of Consciousness Itself.

Each way of meditating eventually reveals that there is only the stream of consciousness, full of content, and  "home ",  the Omnipresent One,  Universal Awareness,... the sense of being present... "I Am" ( without the words) in each and all.  And when that "I" sees ItSelf as the Divine Presence, here now, it sees a reflection of the world in ItSelf, on whatever scale of vision one sees as his or her world.

 Ultimately, as one's sense of separate identity is, by grace, surrendered, the Seer and the seen become One in compassionate, loving transcendence, beyond duality.

I Am/ We Are/ the Divine Is ...One... Consciousness ItSelf...Here, Now and Omnipresent.