Be Still  ...A Short Medicine Story
A student who had been on a long Quest finally found a Teacher that he intuitively felt he could trust and ask for his guidance in meditation.  The teacher said, " Contemplate the following scripture until you know God: " Be still and know that I am God ".  The student diligently repeated the Scripture in his meditation for an hour every day for years.  (Note that the teacher did not say " repeat " but " contemplate .")  Each year at his scheduled audience with his teacher he was asked how it was going, and he would answer that he was steadfast in his discipline but still did not know God.  He discussed his struggle to contemplate the stillness but the words kept repeating, like a veneer of thought concealing the deep mystery of gnosis in the silence beyond words.  It became more and more clear that this was a self contradictory exercise.  One day, as he struggled with this dilemma, a great wave of frustration with himself and anger at his teacher  arose within him.  He decided that it was a stupid waste of time and that he would abandon the discipline, his teacher, and the whole quest for God.

At the moment of his decision to give it all up, the noise of conflict within him stopped, and he spontaneously entered the sacred silence, one with God.

When at last he arose in blissful union with the Divine, he went immediately to this Teacher and thank him for the discipline which had liberated him.  The delighted teacher, in good humored jest, asked him, " what took you so long to quit repeating " be still " and actually be still? " The student, in equally good humor replied, " my reverence for you, O exalted one, a burden I no longer bear!...and my slavery to  mind's compulsive ruminations!"

He packed his gear and they hugged and said their goodbyes radiating smiles of blessing and goodwill as he left the school, having found what he came for.

He or she who can actually be still will find the Creator beyond the creation, Consciousness beyond content and know indeed That I Am God.