Stillness Transcending Ego Programs

In meditation, less is more. Even less is even more. Nothing at all (but consciousness itself without the content) is transcendence. "Be still." Gnosis  is  oneness with Being . Just BE without doing,... mentally, emotionally or physically until you are free of identification with all experiential phenomena. Then DO as Creator...One consciousness manifesting  locally as this individual life.
So much is going  on that Omnipresent Being  (consciousness transcending content) is smothered in the preoccupation of awareness with all the stuff.

 In stillness, no matter how long it takes, discover, beneath it all that there is no self. As an empty vessel the Presence then fills you and shines forth unlimited by former personal concerns.

 There is a place for getting together to share our personal experiences and learn better ways to cope with stress and free our creative, loving energy... but the catch with "personal growth" that distracts us from radical Enlightenment is that people still believe they Are someone... that there Is a personal self to "improve". But the "new improved self" will be just another , more spiritually sophisticated ego- identity fabricated for "new dimensions" of social functioning.
Awakening  is more radical than the egocentric (social) identity can imagine, literally! NO SELF!... Ego is literally unable to imagine what that means, so it keeps working on "new, improved" versions of "myself", and others in the growth group are doing the same and sharing these newer identities with each other...and the truly unconditioned Consciousness common to us all is lost in the hubbub of "show and tell" focused on our latest personal identity improvements.

To clarify, in closing, I (and this "I" is just a convention of language) am advocating  "being still" as the antidote for the dis-ease of being so busily preoccupied with our personal stuff that we become unconscious of the Omnipresent, transcendent/ compassionate consciousness that we ARE. This stillness is beyond form, definition..."what is meditation?..etc... and beyond time. Awakening in Unity Consciousness will happen in a moment of perfect quietude, spontaneously transcending all the "stuff."  We create the opportunity for this to happen with whatever discipline we choose as a Way to BE STILL.