Old declaration
prior to falling out of it.
True of Liberation but
no claim. One Light.


In the ultimate sense what does liberation mean?

Freedom from the illusion of self!

We spend our  lives creating our personal identity from the fabric of all our experiences,
And we call this identity "I, myself."

Liberation is the ultimate breakthrough from this container of "myself."
Consciousness is omnipresent!

When we finally, or even temporarily break through the illusory boundary of  the "separate i ,"
We coalesce into that Consciousness which is infinite.

We are no longer identified with the former finite "self".
This is true liberation.

The irony is that there is truly no "I" to be liberated from.
It was an illusory, fabricated identity all along.

There is no "I" to be enlightened.
There is only the Light (consciousness) and what It creates, cosmicaly and locally.

This doesn't mean that we no longer have a sense of individuality.
We are each unique expressions of the One omnipresent
"I AM".

But these forms manifest in space and time are not who we are.

These are only words until each  separate "self" awakens
and emerges from the cocoon of egocentric false identity

Into the ONE.

Each "caterpillar " must eat and grow a well nourished "self".
Then through amiraculous transformation, the butterfly emerges
As an expression of divine beauty
With freedom to fly! (A favorite, if well worn metaphor.)

To go beyond just words requires active participation .
One such discipline which will accelerate this transformational awakening
Is contemplative self inquiry,
"I WHO?"

At the deepest level this inquiry is transformed
From the usual continuing effort to define oneself into quite the opposite.
It becomes an inquiry into the reality of the Infinite Consciousness That I Am,
The ONE in each and all.

At the level of everyday thinking, this discipline takes the form of a mantra,
"I WHO?" echoed whenever one says or even thinks "I".

If one takes this discipline very seriously
As if nothing else were as important as realizing one's true identity,
Then it will tend to drive the egocentric "identity" crazy
Until the breakthrough into liberation happens.
This is the intent of all ego-challenging disciplines.

When ego does disintegrate there is a period of "free fall"
When one realizes s/he is really "nobody",
And "the one I thought I was" seems to die...
To actually cease its existence. 
(Truth is it never did exist outside of personal fantasy/ fabrication .)

Warning: Disintegration of ego via this discipline will look and feel "crazy" by "normal standards."  

This is the universal calling of liberation...
To show the way and be compassionate with this "crazyness" until we all are free of the illusion
Of  separation from the Omnipresent ONE.

Understand...we all still use the first person singular "I"
As a convention of language and designator of  this individual person.
But since there is ultimately no personal identity (just ego's programs and roles),
Consciousness is now expressed through this person without being filtered
Through an illusory "me."

When the Light (consciousness) passes through ego
It is as though filtered through a dusty or murky lens..."Through a glass darkly."
Life is distorted through the "cataracts" of ego.
But when ego finally disintegrates or becomes transparent,
In the healthy way of spiritual awakening,
The Light shines through clearly as the divine Presence here now
 through this individual.

There is no personal "I" left to "claim" this Light as "my own." 

"I Am" is the ONE Light, Consciousness ItSelf...
Creator of the whole cosmos, including "you" and "me."