The Higgs Field and Omni-Presence

In my "Epitaph..." piece above I mentioned that science's version of omnipresent consciousness could lie in further evidence of the Higgs field, since the Higgs particle discovery in 2012. Here is my "take" on it so far:

First, to be clear, "space" is 3-D volume,  regardless of whether it is defined (made finite as a specified volume) or infinite space. What cosmic boundary can be imagined; and then what would lie beyond such an imaginary, arbitrary boundary? On whatever scale,  whatever it contains and whatever happens in space, space itself must be distinguished from the content of space, be it forces, energy or" matter," (energy in relatively stable configurations.)

As particle accelerators (CERN in this case) speed up subatomic particles  ever closer to the speed of light (the ultimate speed limit) and make them collide, the effect on the  mileu they travel through can then be "seen." The theory is that all of space is actually "filled" with extremely small particles, Higgs "bosons" dubbed (tongue in cheek) the "God particle," which as a whole is called the Higgs field. This could be the discovery of science's "holy grail," the "unified field theory" which integrates all four cosmic forces into one integrated understanding of physics. Quantum physics claims to understand (theoretically) the micro-world of forces (nuclear 'weak' and 'strong' and electromagnetic forces.) But it can not handle the macro-world of gravity, the fourth force. So physics has remained fragmented  without a "theory of everything."

Now imagine all space everywhere filled with "particles" comprising an omnipresent "field" or "matrix." Such a matrix would connect everything with everything else on a scale encompassing the extremes of both the macro and micro worlds. This would explain, among many other things,  gravity. Science has always failed to explain what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance"... how gravity actually works over all distances through "empty space." How, for instance, do Earth and Sun mutually attract each other from a distance of 93 million miles through space and hold Earth in orbit?  If they are connected via space filled with this matrix, that would explain it, if all particles in between are connected with each other.

Imagine a  model based on a tube full of ping-pong balls, each touching the next from Earth to Sun. Poke one at this end and one immediately pops out of the other end, no "travel time" required. Now say they are bonded (like atoms in a molecule) in a way that transmits a pull as well as a "poke." Now expand the "tube" to include all space between the bodies, and shrink the balls down to Higgs particle size, and there you have it, the mechanism by which the force of gravity connects Earth and Sun... and all other masses in the universe... in direct proportion to massiveness and inversely with the square of the distance between masses. (The universal law of gravitation.)

That would also explain the mystery of  "extra sensory perception" like telepathy, once each person "attunes" to the other through this omnipresent matrix. The example of electromagnetic "radio waves," which require proper tuning for reception will apply here on the micro scale of the Higgs matrix as personal empathy becomes attunement with each other. Some of the mysteries of metaphysics (like mystic/ physicist David Bohm's "implicate order")  can then be explained via extremely small micro-physics. Of course many other mysteries would then be understood as a result of this omnipresent field/matrix. We (science) has just barely 'scratched the surface' of this ultimate mystery... the interconnectedness of all things.