Epitaph for an Illusion of Enlightenment

This site has been dormant for about twelve years. The practical reason
is that a technician, after cleaning out viruses from my old

computer,installed a "new, better" program for publishing on this site,
but I never did learn how to use it. (I remain "tech-impaired.") In
broad perspective, I had said everything I had to say about my
experience of "enlightenment" and my vision of cosmology. My last page
was an interpretation of the prophecy as I had "decoded" it from the
Great Pyramid "chronograph," which called for global enlightenment by
spring of this year (2014) according to the "sacred geometry" of the
square and circle in the "antechamber." Obviously it failed, and it has
been deleted. That leaves the story of "my awakening," which I had
thought was a permanent condition. Turns out it wasn't. Looking back, it
seems that everyone one knew it but me when I "fell from grace,"
gradually over the years. Not to say my pages about enlightenment itself
were in error. I'm still working on how to edit this site to save
whatever might be  useful impersonal information/vision and delete the
rest (about "me.") But meanwhile I have abandoned the illusion of
permanent enlightenment as I had thought it applied to me. I still have
no illusion about "this person" as an "identity"... like "This is who I am."

Everyone only plays their roles, however changing with circumstances.
(Hermits in "caves" may be the exceptions.) The closest thing to
"selflessness" I know is just transcending  the tendency to take oneself
(one's "self") seriously. Meditation is the way to such transcendence as
I know it.

Regarding "conscious unity," it is very simple: Consciousness is
omnipresent, manifesting as all forms, which are ever-changing. This is
universal wisdom known by mystics of all traditions, and those of no
tradition, throughout the ages. The best scientific evidence for this
Omnipresence is now called the "Higgs field" by which everything is
"connected" to everything else.

Ps; I have edited and and restored pages from the old site which explain meditation
and transcendence of ego in an impersonal way, i.e., not about "me."