There is a "Wave"" of cosmic consciousness approaching not only Earth but manifesting on cosmic scale within ten years.
This is a "bold" statement because I've seen a bold Vision. I experience it as divine revelation (denoted by the capital "V",) and make no apology for it or defense of it. This page will share the Vision as best I can given the limits of language and present cosmologies.

In the astrophysics community the term for the cosmology seen in this Vision is the "pulsating cosmos" or, more graphically, the "bang- crunch" model. Some theorists (check the web) now consider it invalidated for two reasons:  One: we can not yet "see" enough matter out there to create enough gravity to reverse the outward expansion and bring it all back together for the next "big bang." And, two: science has very recently discovered that, not only is the cosmos expanding, its rate of expansion is accelerating as if an exploding force continues to explode it all outward.
(I just "surfed the web" and a huge debate continues to heat up over the many cosmologies now considered prospective candidates for scientific consensus.)
 This Vision  showed  a Wave of "enlightenment" approaching and the still accelerating cosmic expansion.
The background context for this Vision is introduced in this web site on two pages, "Time, Space, and Infinity", and "Quantum Metaphysics"

Let's begin with what these  web pages covered:  that true "space"  is infinite emptiness and that time is simply the act/ concept of reckoning relative event duration; i.e., one cycle or segment of an event in terms of another. And the second page  contemplates, "What part of "I AM OMNIPRESENT ONENESS" do we not "get" as "individuals." Each "individual" can transcend  his, her, or its  individuality and enter into conscious unity with this Oneness, and  everyone can "see for themselves" beyond the theoretical cosmological debate.

For this vision to be "seen" clearly, one must know (or be open to the possibility) that there is no "beginning" or "end", as linear thought insists, but an ongoing, eternal process. In this process, energy is neither created nor destroyed, but constantly changes form. Energy converts to matter and matter to energy, and plasmas of all kinds are a vast array of subtle energies/ substances, as relatively amorphous "energy/ matter soup" in various stages of transition.  Consciousness "molds" these plasmas, by the "agency" of focused intent, into form (matter, a more "crystallized form" of energy) or dissolves form into various plasmas... but it is all energy. It is all vibration in flux, evolving through (in and out of) all varieties of form. Conscious Itself is the formless creative Agency throughout the cosmos. This "Agency" IS the power of conscious Intent,  "using" all energies and materials  "available" in whatever environmental context or scale of "creation.".

All forms ("individuals") have potential "agency" as Consciousness-in-form... the "I AM ONE" in all forms... yes even sub-atomic and super- galactic phenomena!

Ultimately, all forms will again become One Form and explode again into cosmic diversity. (Capitalization denotes Deity, not as some Ultimate Other but as the One Conscious Being  in Whom we are all "individual" parts.)

This Primordial Mass is the Whole Mother (generically, all matter) pulled back together by the Mother principle, the conscious creative Agency we call gravity; i.e., mass attracts mass. The Mother principle works on all scales from micro (sub-atomic) to macro, the Singular Mass which comes together for an immeasurable instant prior to each big-bang. Then the Father principle, primordial matter-to- energy fusion, as in all stars, ignites the next cycle of explosion/ expansion as the center of the One Mass reaches critical mass ( ("atoms" crushed into fusion reaction) exploding the outer mass back out again into cosmic diversity.

Now let's get to the deeper mystery of  this Vision of continuing accelerated expansion as context (What does cosmos look like?) for this  "Wave of Enlightenment". "The big bang" in this Vision is actually a series of bangs, at first launching up to 90 %  (percentages were not clear) of the mass crushing in on the central fusion. This figure is roughly the present scientific estimate  (depending on the theorist) of the amount of matter we can not "see" which would be required to create enough gravity to bring it all back again eventually... the "missing matter" which,  if really missing, would invalidate the "pulsating cosmos" model.

But about 10% of this Primordial Singular Mass was (at the time of "bang" ignition) in plasmic form  as transitional energy/ matter around the fusion energy core  providing the buffer pushing outward against the 90% outer mass. (Deduct from this 90% and 10% the matter percentage that converts to energy at the core, which I would not presume to estimate!) This vast majority of The Mass is "successfully launched" into infinite space, but the plasma between the explosive energy and the exploding matter eventually  cools down enough to transition into matter and again coalesce/ collapse  via gravity back into the same center for a smaller version of  the big bang... the "little bang", we could call it.  In this Vision, the first launch was way beyond  the cooling plasma by the time  the latter pulled together for the "little bang", but that massive 90% is what is still pulling our "little bang cosmos", the only one we can "see" so far, outward  faster all the time.  "Our "10% will eventually reunite with the "first-born" 90% as super-massive black hole clusters pull each other together  and then implode back into One Mass for the  birth of the next "Kosmos" (Conscious Creator/ Creation.)

One even deeper Mystery  revealed in this Vision is this. The "big bang... little bang" model is oversimplified for the sake of clarity. The Vision actually revealed that before the "final launch" of the matter we can now "see" there were several phases of explosion and implosion "launching" dense shells of matter interspersed among vast spheres of space. There is a process here balancing the explosive (Father principle) forces and the gravitational (Mother principle) forces through a series of collapses and explosions actually passing through each other in opposite directions. ( Remember that space is relatively huge between "tiny clots", be it atoms or galaxies, of matter in this cosmic birthing process.)

These phases of multiple implosions/ explosions are well known in the astrophysical community as one way that stars and whole star systems are born out of  super-massive black holes. (It depends on the amount of mass involved and its distribution around the center of gravity. ) The same principle (of fusion- explosion and gravitational implosion) operates on all scales as one cosmic hologram. In this model, all "points" or "parts" within the whole are mini- versions of the greater whole all the way "out" to the One Whole, and all the way "in" to the most infinitesimal  "part". But beyond the space-time continuum... events and their "duration"... in the timeless NOW of Omnipresent Consciousness is the Creator in Whom we are One... The One who molds plasma into form and dissolves form into plasma,  to reappear, to "re-crystalize" through conscious intent. WE ARE CO-CREATORS IN THIS UNITY!

Now here is a brief warm-up to the "BIG WAVE" part of this vision: Contemplate the awesome "fireworks" of  black holes exploding into supernovas and vice- versa (spent stars and cosmic dust imploding  into black holes). On cosmic scale, see the Singular Mass (all matter) exploding into each newborn cosmos ("Kosmos", the One Being , as one prominent theorist has suggested), and eventually reversing via gravity and imploding back into actual physical unity again.

Whenever  exploding matter collides with imploding matter (which isn't very often because of the vast space between "bits" of matter), a "moment of conscious creation" happens again on whatever scale, "local" to total. Remember that the birth of each star out of imploding black hole mass is such a moment of conscious creation as well as the "full scale" big bang. Know also that some such collisions occur between masses traveling at near light speed in opposite directions. The result can be a flash/wave of  light/ energy/ plasma/ mass in all directions on a scale that transforms everything (everyone) "near" it. Such a powerful union of opposites (trajectories and matter/energy polarities) creates not only a physical explosion, but a metaphysical (spiritual, if you will, or creative consciousness dimensional) Wave of Illumination/Initiation. It spreads as  "photons" of Light (consciousness), "neutrinos "of  Substance (seed/manifestation) and "bio-plasm" (energy/matter) of conscious unity. This expresses into and through all manifest  form as the Wave passes through. (See "Clarification" page for the " time/space  transcended"  clarification of the Vision!)

One such Wave is due to pass through Earth and our cosmic neighborhood sometime around  2011, 2012, and 2013, as given in the Hopi, Mayan, and Great Pyramid prophecies, respectively. These three "Witnesses" do not speak of the cosmic collision/flash per se,  but each prophesies a global transformation of consciousness, and this Vision  addresses the cosmic dynamics of it.

It is not yet clear (see next page for "Clarification")  whether this awesome collision has occurred (a long time ago) between a part of the "firstborn" matter shell of the big bang already returning and colliding with a piece of the "second born" shell still outgoing  (and  the flash soon to reach us)... or whether a more "local" collision (not so long ago) within our cosmic shell /sphere (the "known" cosmos) is sending this Wave toward us. But either way it is the same principle on different scales. It is  Cosmic Consciousness "making Itself known"  to the "parts" of Its "body", which will eventually happen on "full scale" as this Illumination/ Awakening/ Gnosis "reaches" all "parts."

The good news is that no "individual" (person, planet, solar system, or galaxy) must "wait for the Wave", because CONSCIOUSNESS IS ALREADY OMNIPRESENT, and THIS PERPETUAL PRESENT (NOW) IS ETERNITY!

In the relative dimensions of time and space, however, the Wave will transform all forms still insisting on their "personal identities" as individuals somehow separate from this Omnipresence. Each form keeps its uniqueness only for a "time", and that is the beauty of Unity expressing as diversity-in-harmony, Creation in constant dynamic change. The ultimate polarity/duality is that Consciousness is changelessly One, while all forms constantly change until they eventually come back together into One Mass. This is the "Holy Instant" when the Cosmic Body is One Form. ..and Unity is absolute and primary... Creator/Creation. And then it explodes into diversity again.

This is enough for now.
 Questions and feedback are welcome and would help guide any further clarification.

We are One.

mik I el